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A wireless network is a type of computer network that uses 'wireless' as the medium for data connectivity. So, what is 'Wireless'? It is nothng but a kind of a radio frequency signal, using which we can encode our data and establish communication.

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WLAN or WiFi works on standard 802.11 as defined by IEEE. Currently Wireless Routers available in the market supporting 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n wireless standards, provide maximum speeds 11Mbps, 54Mbps and 300Mbps respectively. Latest addition to these is standard is 802.11ac, offers a flaunting 1 Gbps bandwidth! So if you want to buy a WiFi router now, go and get one with 802.11ac, you are updated!
Detailed info on these standards available on Wikipedia.

Fort Networks provide complete range of Wireless Networking services and solutions for businesses, apartments & homes.

Be it a Wireless Router installation, increasing Wi Fi coverage, or long distance WiFi bridging, we offer a wide variety of services to cater all kinds of wireless connectivity requirements.

The Wireless benefits:

  • Cable Free Network

    Useful in hotels, hospitals, manufacturing units and in organizations where they have any kind of constraints or feasibility issues for laying cables.

  • Mobility

    Useful for small and medium companies that intend to relocate their premises according to needs. There are no cabling costs involved when relocating the Company premises when wireless networking is used.

  • Connectivity

    Wireless networks are also useful for notebook users in an office environment. Having a wireless LAN in place saves mobile users the hassle of plugging into a docking station every time they want to access the network. Instead, they can access the network from anywhere in the building.

  • Smart Device Connectivty

    Many devices such as PDA, Bar Code Scanners, Printers etc come with Wifi connectivity

  • Lesser Installation, Repairing & Maintenance Overhead

    Since there is no burden of physical cabling, installation, troubleshooting etc with Wireless networks are very easy & straight forward.

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WiFi makes shoppers happy! Customers choose WiFi over cellular! Hotels see WiFi as an essential amenity! and We definitely can’t live without WiFi!

- Purple WiFi # Wireless Statistics 2014

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