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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a series of process, employed to enhance visibility of a website in search engine's natural search results. SEO is now extremely important than ever before since there is a huge war taking place as everyone wants to get to the top positions in the Search Results page. Search Engine Optimization need significant knowledge, it is important that each and every web page on your web site have to be set up appropriately as per standards, with all essential properties and attributes to be well evaluated by Search Engines. They employ different algorithms to rank a page or site; so it is key that each page needs to be in align with search engines mandates in order to get the website considered and loved. So as informed earlier, it is vital that how text and images are laid out on each page and how the pages are programmed in order to get a good acknowledgement from Search Engines.

When thousands of new websites are being introduced onto internet on a daily basis, SEO is increasingly gaining importance like never before. In the current time, it is not easy for a new website to stand out or really endure among a billion websites out there. Search Engine Optimization is therefore essential to get your web site the precedence that your target audience can reach on priority. It helps you stand out in the ‘crowd’ and traffics more people to the site. The important thing to remember is SEO is not a one time business! There are no shortcuts or there is no ready to implement codes available to inject on the website so that its SEO enabled. SEO is actually comprising of various processes which should be planned and practiced or carried out from the beginning till the website exist! Yes SEO is a continuous process, because you want your Website ranked top forever.. not just for some days.. True?

Seach Engine Optimisation processes and scopes are divided in to 2:
# On-Page SEO Processes Off-Page SEO processes
1 Keyword Research Seting up Goals for Off-Page SEO
2 Internal Link Optimisation & Validation Article Submissions
3 Browser Compatibility Testing & Optimization Web Directory Submissions
4 Image Optimization & Image Format Analysis Creating Accounts on Social Networking Sites
5 Speed and Load Test & Enhancement Frequent, Spot-on Profile Updates
6 Google Webmaster Integration Creating Blogs
7 Website Traffic Analysis using Google Analytics Customization of Blogs for better reachability
8 Search Crawler Optimization with Robots.txt Frequest Blog Posts and Updates
9 Integration & Optimization of Meta Tags Targeted Audience Study
10 Social Media Tags & Social Bookmarks Integration Geographical Business Area Study
11 Page Formatting & Tag optimization Setting up PPC Campaigns as necessary
12 Continuous Malware Analysis & Scanning Optimization of Ads for lowest PPC
13 XML and GZip Sitemap Submission Keywords Research & Bid Management
14 Keyword Research Negative and Bouncing Keywords Filtering
15 Keyword Density Analysis Landing Pages Management for each Ad
16 Overall Content Inspection & Enhancement Social Media Bookmarkings

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