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If you are thinking of a website, the first thing you have to do is to propose and register a good domain name. A Domain name is a unique name used to identify a webste on the internet, just like how your name serves as your identity label in the crowd.

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Your domain name is your identity on the Web; it requires a lot of thought and consideration. The domain name you choose should not only fit your business, but it should also be easy to find and promote. An ideal domain name should be simple and short at the same time it should effectively convey the business objectives to the public. Once the domain name is fixed and finalized with required extensions (such as .in /.com /.net /.org), it's time to register it to make the name proprietary and globally available. This process is called domain registration and the authorities who provide you the domain names are called ‘Domain Registrars’.

You can register your favourite domains for a minimum period of 1 year and up to 10 years, after the initial registration term, domain owners have to renew it to retain the validity. Fort Networks provide you Domain Name Registration services. Decide a good domain name for your business, and own it before some one else take it. Don’t have to run through all the formalities. Just fix a name and let us know that, and we’ll register it and make it your intellectual property in a wink, and don’t forget, we’re always here to help!

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Golden rules for choosing right domain name:

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Finding a domain name that's easy to type is critical to online success. It should be a 'memorable' one! If you are using slang such as 'u' instead of 'you' or words with cut spellings such as 'xpress' for 'express', it may be harder for customers to find your site. So make sure you have a clean spelling in your domain name so that user can type it without any confusion.
If the domain name is long and complex, there are more likely that a person may forget the address or commit a mistake when typing it. Make it as Short and simple as you can and it is the way to go.
Try to include keywords that describe your business and the services you offer. For example; if you run tailor shop, you may want to register '' or ''. Including keywords helps improve your rank on search engines which increases traffic and just makes more sense to your customers.
If your business is native or local, consider embracing your city or state with your domain name to make it easy for local customers to find and remember. Example:
Always understand that Numbers and Hyphens are always confusing, people who hear your website address don't know if you're saying numeral (5) or it's spelled out (five), or they might forget the hyphen. Eventually this will end up in a wrong / unavailable website address!
There are millions of domain names registered worldwide, so having a domain that's catchy and memorable is very much beneficial for you arnd your business. Once you've found a name, share it with friends to make sure it sounds appealing and makes sense to others.

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Until 1995 domain name registration were FREE! In 1995, Network Solutions was granted the authority to start charging for domain names. Domains started at $100 for 2 years of registration and then dropped to $70 in 1997. Domain registrations prices have dropped considerably since then since ICANN - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers - was formed to control domain registrations.


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